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 How to Wash Your Bearing

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PostSubject: How to Wash Your Bearing   Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:59 pm

Before you try to attempt to do this on your own, please seek for adult supervision as we are dealing with flammable liquid. I had warned you before hand and wont be responsible if accident happen onto you.

You need to prepare the following:-

Unscrew your yoyo.

Squeeze some Zippo Fluid into the container.

Put in your bearing and spacer into the container filled with Zippo Fluid.

Close the container tightly and shake for a few minutes. Please note that you do not need to soak the bearing for hours.

After shaking, open up the container, and prepare tissue.

Take out the bearing with a screw driver. Please dont use your bare hand to get the bearing as the Zippo Fluid a flammable liquid. Put the bearing and spacer on the tissue.
Wait for around 5 minutes for the Zippo Fluid to be vaporized.

Dip one drop of lubricane. Recommended lubricant is Singer Oil. Do Not use WD40 or other lubricant, as WD40 will 'eat up' your bearing, and your bearing will become very dry and will crack.

Put the bearing and spacer back to the yoyo and you can play the yoyo now.
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How to Wash Your Bearing
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